Whats Changing?

For the past 5 years, eBay and Omnivore have worked together to bring you eBay LINK. Omnivore have developed the app and eBay have funded it to enable Small to Medium sized Retailers the opportunity to get selling on eBay quickly and more easily.

From September 25th, eBay LINK will move to a paid app with pricing based on your sales. eBay and Omnivore are re-investing and will start to roll out new features designed to help increase your sales.

You will need to opt in to the new subscription plan by the 31st of October. As soon as you do, you will have immediate access to new features and eBay will fund your eBay LINK subscription until the end of the year to cover the peak selling period.

The new features available to you include:

  • Set-up and manage Promoted Listings from eBay LINK using product groups; define the exact products you want promoted and manage your bids more closely
  • Set product titles and descriptions by product group to improve search rankings
  • Manage customer expectations with multiple location and returns policies by product groups
  • Add more images to listings or groups – increase conversion to purchase with additional images for example a size chart
  • Promote similar products on your product listing template with a new section that showcases your other products listed in that category on eBay

New Pricing

eCommerce PlatformMonthly Subscription FeeHow to Pay
ShopifyGMV/Sales $1000 and under- USD$19.95
GMV/Sales over $1001 - USD$34.95
Pay via Shopify - accept the charges via Shopify when you opt into the subscription.
BigCommerce and WooCommerceGMV/Sales $1000 and under- AUD$29.95
GMV/Sales over $1001 - AUD$49.95
Pay via Credit Card direct debit - provide your credit card when you opt in. 

  • Pay nothing in 2019 - eBay will continue to pay for your eBay LINK subscription until the 31st of December 2019.
  • Since you're subscription fee is based on your sales, you are billed in arrears so you won't be charged until the 1st of February 2020.

Next Steps: How to Opt In

The sooner you opt into the subscription, the sooner you will have access to the new features and eBay will continue to pay for your eBay LINK subscription until January

  1. Login to eBay LINK via your ecommerce store admin.
  2. In the left navigation menu you will see 'eBay LINK opt in' - click this.
  3.  From the landing page, click 'Opt In Now'
  4. Shopify retailers will be taken to Shopify to accept charges, BigCommerce and WooCommerce retailers will need to enter their Credit Card and billing contact details.
  5. Once billing has been activated (remember you won't be charged until 1st of Febuary 2020) you will be able to access the new features.

Key Points

  • eBay LINK is moving to a subscription payment model based on your sales 
  • We're investing in new features to help increase your sales
  • Opt into the new subscription fee by 31st of October and eBay will pay your fees until 31st of December 2019

Need Help? 

Got more questions? Please submit a request to our Support Team