Adding additional text to the description of the product. 

Sometimes, you may need to add or remove certain text from all your product descriptions, before listing them on eBay. 

For example, you may wish to remove a promotional message from your product descriptions as it is specific only to your own eCommerce store.

Alternatively, you may want to append some extra promotional text specific just to your eBay store.

Our system allows you to do this by creating a "Description template".

Create a Description template for ALL products

To create a description template for all your products, use the left hand menu to select  "Settings --> Feeds":


By default, the description template is blank so that the standard product description from your eCommerce store is used.


To ADD text or product data to your product descriptions

If you wish to add additional text to your eBay product descriptions, you just need to enter it into the "Description template" field and click the update button:


You can also use any of the following product data attributes to enhance your product descriptions for eBay:

  • $sku – this is the SKU of your product.
  • $brandName – this is the brand name (if you have assigned one).
  • $retailerName – your store name.
  • $colours – if the product comes in different colours, the list of the colours as you described them, e.g. Coral, Midnight, Gunmetal
  • $standardColours - similar to $colours except the colour names are as mapped to the standard colour names, e.g. Pink, Black, Grey for the above example
  • $productName – the original title of a product.
  • $shortDescription - the short description of the product if provided.
  • $detailedDescription – the long description of the product if provided.
  • $amount – the products selling price e.g $89.95
  • $rrp - product's RRP price
  • $category - the category assigned to a product in the retailer feed/system.


  • By default, any additional text or product data you enter here will be appended to the end of your existing product description.
  • If you wish to change where it appears, you can reference the existing product description and any new text/product data like so:
    Below changes the description to have
    10% off for a limited time.......
    Your current description
    SKU: 12345
    Name: Pool cue
    Price: 49.95

To REMOVE text from your product descriptions

You can also remove text from your product descriptions, if there is something you don't want displayed on eBay.

To remove text from every product description, enclose the text to be removed in -##[text]##-


to remove the text "Ready for Spring!" from every product description, enter the following  (Remember to add $detailedDescription so that the Description Template knows what to remove the text from:)


  • Product attributes are case sensitive, so always enter them exactly as above (e.g $brandName or $sku).
  • If you need to remove multiple pieces of text, add the -##text1##- -##test2##- etc in sequence.
  • Use\ before $ if using a $ sign in your text. For example if you want to add the text: "Special Offer \$20 off for Autumn"

  • To remove a sentence which may not be relevant to selling on eBay e.g Next Day Delivery add -##Next Day Delivery##- to the description template. This will remove 'Next Day Delivery' from all Product Descriptions.

    eg  $detailedDescription -##Next Day Delivery##- 

    To replace/add keywords use -## | ##-. For example, to replace "Next Day Delivery" with "Ships in 5 days" add the following to the description template:  -##Next Day Delivery|Ships in 5 days##-  (note the | to split the two):

    eg  $detailedDescription -##Next Day Delivery|Ships in 5 days##-

To push these changes to the Marketplace listings you have to go to your Dashboard and click the Upload to eBay Australia button so that your listings can received the new description information.