To block an entire group of products you can use the Product Exclusions feature. Go to ‘Settings – eBay - General – then scroll down to the ‘Product Exclusion’ section.

To block a particular variant / attribute you can use Exclude Variants with these Attributes.    Go to Settings - Administration - then scroll down to the Product Import section.

  • To block all products from a particular Brand, type the brand into ‘Excluded brands’. In the below example, all products with the brand 'Apple' will not list.
  • To block all products with a particular Keyword, type the keyword into ‘Exclude by keyword in product name’ In the below example, all products with iphone and ipad will not list.
  • To block a whole category from your ecommerce store, Start typing the name of the category in the field 'Excluded products by these categories' In this example, all products in the retailer category 'Accessories - Phone Covers' will be blocked.


To exclude a particular Variant which is part of a Product, type in a keyword that is part of the Variant you want to exclude.  In the example below all variants that have the keyword 'Ordered' will be excluded when imported.

Once you have entered the brand/keywords into theses sections to complete the process of blocking or excluding click 'Update' then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to eBay' for the changes to be implemented on eBay.