To block an entire group of products you can use the Product Exclusions feature. Go to ‘Settings – Administration – then scroll down to the ‘Product Exclusion’ section.

  • To block all products from a particular Brand, type the brand into ‘Excluded brands’. In the below example, all products with the brand 'Apple' will not list.
  • To block all products with a particular Keyword, type the keyword into ‘Exclude by keyword in product name’ In the below example, all products with iphone and ipad will not list.
  • To block Product Variations by a keyword, type the keyword into ‘Exclude product variation by keyword’. In the below example, any variation called 'Wholesale' will not list but the other product variations will.
  • If you have products that are on sale but you don't want them listed, select 'Exclude on-sale products'. This is where the sell price is less than the RRP.


Once you have entered the brand/keywords in this section of the products you want to block, click 'Update' then go to the Dashboard and click 'Update Marketplace' for the changes to be implemented on eBay.